Hike to Dos Aguas Waterfalls

Wrap yourself in the sounds of nature as you hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls we have in the area. This waterfall is located in the indigenous reserve of Keköldi, protected territory and guarded by the ancestral cultures of Talamanca, after about 40 minutes of walking (depending on your speed) you will reach this beautiful waterfall, where you can take a bath, a snack, rest from the noise of the city and digital over stimulation, a perfect walk to return with renewed energy to your usual activities.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Duration: 1.5 hour walk + time at the waterfall, approximately 3 hours.

Price: $45 per person

Includes: Certified guide.

Remember to bring:

– Walking shoes

– Bathing suit

– Snacks

– Mosquito repellent

– Sunscreen

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