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At Utopia Caribe we want you to live the best Caribbean experience, that’s why we include the Concierge Service in your lodging rate. We plan your activities and transportation so you only have to relax and enjoy your vacation, just give us your dates and we will plan the perfect itinerary for you.



– Transportation from SJO airport → Your home in the Caribbean.

Private flights: From any airport to LIO Limon airport.

*Ask your travel assistant for a quotation.

Domestic flights: From SJO Juan Santamaria International Airport to LIO Limon Airport.

Rates from $85 per person

*Fares vary according to season and number of passengers.

**Shuttle from Limon airport to your home must be added, cost approximately $65 for up to 4 people.

Private Taxi: From SJO Juan Santamaria International Airport to your home. The cab is an official cab, with license plate issued by the Costa Rican government, with third party insurance and professional driver with extensive experience.

Price: $200 up to 4 people.

– Private Shuttle

If you are traveling in a large group this is your best option, you will be transported from the airport or hotel from San Jose to Puerto Viejo in an air-conditioned bus (van type vehicle), with professional and experienced drivers, with the insurance required by Costa Rican traffic laws.

Price: $250 for up to 9 people

Shared shuttle:

This is the best low cost transportation option, you will travel in a “buseta” (van type vehicle) with all the comforts of private vans and share the trip with other passengers.

Price: $57 per person (1 way)



The Southern Caribbean offers many possibilities to enjoy and explore, choose the activities that match your preferences:




This fun tour includes a hike to a small hill from where you will slide down through the treetops, with highly qualified guides and an operating agency with more than 15 years of experience.

The tour starts when you are picked up at your home or approach the base at Hone Creek, you will be taken in a four-wheel drive vehicle for about 15 minutes up Carbon 2 mountain to the first base and from there you will walk for about 20 minutes, depending on your speed, to the platforms to fly down through the trees.

Don’t forget to try the Tarzan swing!

Price $54 per person

$12 additional for transportation from your home to the base of Hone Creek.

Includes: Tour with certified guide



This is one of the all-time favorite tours, you will raft down the rapids of the Pacuare River, declared one of the best in the world for this activity. The scenic landscapes of this river will leave you speechless. The activity is suitable for children from 12 years old and up.

Recommended *Pacuare 1 day*.

Price: $99 per person

Includes: Transportation from and to your house, breakfast buffet at the base of Siquirres, picnic lunch half way down the river.

Duration: 4 hours of rafting

Total duration: 1 day (departure 5am – return 6pm)


Hiking ~ Forest bathings

Hike to Dos Aguas Waterfalls

Wrap yourself in the sounds of nature as you hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls we have in the area. This waterfall is located in the indigenous reserve of Keköldi, protected territory and guarded by the ancestral cultures of Talamanca, after about 40 minutes of walking (depending on your speed) you will reach this beautiful waterfall, where you can take a bath, a snack, rest from the noise of the city and digital over stimulation, a perfect walk to return with renewed energy to your usual activities.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Duration: 1.5 hour walk + time at the waterfall, approximately 3 hours.

Price: $45 per person

Includes: Certified guide.

Remember to bring:

– Walking shoes

– Bathing suit

– Snacks

– Mosquito repellent

– Sunscreen


Gandoca National Refuge – Manzanillo or Punta Mona Hike

This is the perfect walk that combines remote beach and tropical forest in all its splendor, let our certified guide accompany you on this walk inside the Refuge, he will help you spot the elusive sloths, toucans, different types of monkeys and many other animals as well as curiosities of the ecosystem in which they live. This is the best way to observe our natural wealth, in their own habitat.


Manzanillo Area: $65 per person

Includes certified local guide

Gandoca – Punta Mona Area: $85 per person

Includes certified local guide

Remember to bring:

– Walking shoes

– Bathing suit

– Coral Friendly suntan

– Snacks

– Coral Friendly mosquito repellent

– Coral Friendly sunscreen


Mountain bike rides

If you are one of those who cannot get off your two wheels you’ve surely thought about what challenging routes you could do in the South Caribbean… don’t worry! We are in love with our bikes too and we’ll take you through the most challenging routes.

Price: $20 per person


Surf Lessons

Get to know the addictive sensation of sliding on the water. In our beaches we have waves for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. Dare to know these beautiful places with a spectacular view of the jungle kissing the sea.

Price: $65 per person

Includes: Certified guide, transportation and boards

*For your peace of mind, all our guides are certified in Open Water Rescue, official Costa Rican Coast Guard training.


Paddle boarding in the river or in the ocean

Enjoy this gentle ride through the dense vegetation of our rivers or the calm waters of September and October, when our sea is like a lake. As you glide down the river you will be able to observe the rich flora and fauna.

Remember to bring coral friendly sunscreen/tan.

Price: $65 per person

Includes: Transportation and boards, certified guide.

*For your peace of mind, all our guides are certified in Open Water Rescue, official Costa Rican Coast Guard training.


Kayaking in the river or ocean

Enjoy this quiet ride while admiring the flora and fauna of our tropical forest, while you do a gentle physical activity you can discover magical landscapes of the Punta Uva River, you can see turtles, otters, sloths, monkeys, butterflies, different types of birds and maybe some fish.

Price: $65 USD per person

Includes: Transportation and kayaks, certified guide.

*For your peace of mind, all our guides are certified in Open Water Rescue, official Costa Rican Coast Guard training.


Dolphin watching tour

Enjoy this unique experience, observe these intelligent and amazing animals in their natural environment, watch them play and socialize is an unforgettable experience!

Price: $85 per person

Includes: Local guide, snack

Starting point: Punta Uva

*For your peace of mind, all our guides are certified in Open Water Rescue, official Costa Rican Coast Guard training.


Fishing trips

Would you like to take a boat ride and bring your dinner home? The Caribbean Sea offers you that possibility, with an ecosystem of corals rich in both blue and white fish, you can embark on this fun ride with highly qualified local guides, who will take you to the strategic fishing spots so you can enjoy fresh fish from the sea to your plate.

Price: $75 per person

Includes: Local guide, certified in artisanal fishing. Your catch of the day

Starting point: Punta Uva

*For your peace of mind, all our guides are certified in Open Water Rescue, official Costa Rican Coast Guard training.



Caribbean cooking class

The Caribbean region is characterized by it dishes full of colors and exuberant flavors, coconut milk and “Panamanian chili” are the protagonists, learn how to cook these delicious dishes and take the knowledge to make them at home. You can choose between different options of main dishes and of course you will taste them as your lunch or dinner.

Price: from $65 for two people

Includes: experienced cook guiding you through each step, tasting the preparation as your lunch or dinner.


Dance class

One of the best known rhythms of the Latin culture is salsa, if you want to learn with a professional, you have come to the right place.

Price: $25 per person

Location: your home if the area allows it or at the Kashá restaurant.


Aerial dance classes

Enjoy movement and music in fun and different ways, test your skills in this fun acrobatic class.

Price: $25 per person

Place: Multicentro Puerto Viejo

Includes: Certified instructor.

– Experience: making fine chocolate

Cocoa has been a relevant fruit for hundreds of years for the native peoples of the South Caribbean, currently different projects seek to restore its prominence through innovative and interesting creations.

Learn the process to make fine chocolate from the bean to the bar and do it with your own hands, you can, in addition to taste the delicious cocoa liquor, take two bars to share with your friends and / or family the delicious creation with the seed of the gods.

Price: $40 for two people (maximum 4 people)

Includes: two cocoa bars to take away.

Location: Playa Chiquita, Tropicalia.


Our lifestyle can be the engine of our happiness, take advantage of your vacation to boost your good habits and renew your energy.

Yoga Classes

The South Caribbean area has been greatly influenced by foreign and national practitioners of yoga in its different forms. This has led to a great offer of different types of yoga, both in physical and spiritual practice. Schedule your session and feel renewed.

Price: $40 per class

Duration: 1 hour

Includes: Certified guide

Location: your choice of location, your home (space permitting) or the instructor’s Shala.

*If you have a preferred style, please let your travel assistant know so she can assign you to the right teacher.

– Yoga and meditation classes:

Beyond the physical postures, yoga is a holistic practice whose goal is to calm your mind so you can feel happier and be able to go about your activities more efficiently and calmly. The practice of meditation is the best tool to reach that “calmly active” state.

Schedule your class to come back from your vacation feeling refreshed.

Price: $50 per person

Duration: 2 hours

Includes: Certified guide (yoga instructor and psychologist specialized in Mindfulness and Subjective Wellbeing).

Location: Your home (location permitting) or the instructor’s Shala.



Treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation, allow our certified masseuse to pamper you with different essential oils that will nourish your skin and different massage techniques that will leave you feeling renewed.

Price per person:

Relaxing: 1 hour $70- 1.5 hours $90

Deep Tissue: 1 hour $75 – 1.5 hours $100

Ayurvedic: 1 hour $75 – 1.5 hours $100

Includes: Certified masseuse

Location: Your home (location permitting) or the masseuse’s space.

To book your activities write to your travel assistant at or by WhatsApp/Telegram +50688804954

*Price may vary depending on the operator

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